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The law offices of Marder and Seidler have been representing clients in the Rolling Meadows Court for 25 years.  They are experienced and acquainted in the courthouse proceedings.  With offices in Schaumburg since 1978, they have close proximity to Rolling Meadows.  

Many of the cases they handly in Rolling Meadows, include the following:


     -Criminal cases, including felony and misdemeanor
     -Suspended Drivers License
     -Domestic Battery
     -Orders of Protection
     - Expungements

If you are in need of an experienced lawyer to represent you in Rolling Meadows, contact Marder and Seidler for a free initial and confidential consultation.

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Juvenile Expungements

Only a tiny share of juvenile arrest records in Illinois get expunged because of burdensome state laws that are "among the worst in the nation," creating obstacles to employment, housing and education that threaten public safety, say the authors of a new report requested by the state legislature. Out of the 1.85 million juvenile arrests made in Illinois between 2004 and 2014, just 5,310 records were expunged, according to an analysis published Thursday by the Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission, which conducted the research in partnership with the Children and Family Justice Center at Northwestern University's Pritzker School of Law. That's three expungements for every 1,000 juvenile arrests, which includes those that did not lead to convictions or findings of delinquency. The vast majority took place in Cook County, where there were 4,028 expungements out of 1.2 million juvenile arrests over the decade, a rate of 0.34 percent. Half of the counties in the state reported no expungements over the decade. Nearly 90 percent of the counties averaged less than one juvenile expungement per year.